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mudra, meditation, Fourth Way & yoga

Emma Wertheim

Hi I'm Emma Wertheim

Mudra, Meditation, Fourth Way

& Yoga Teacher

I am a mudra, meditation, sacred dance, Fourth Way (Gurdjieff) and yoga teacher. I also work as a graphic designer and intuitive digital artist

Since 1995 I’ve practised the art of breath-based meditation, both in my personal practice and as member of an esoteric school formed in the 1970’s, located in Sydney’s north and inspired by ‘The Fourth Way’ movement.

My meditation teacher of 22 years had direct links to leaders of The Fourth Way and other spiritual traditions.  

This work has taken me on a rich inner journey – to an ever expanding space of stillness and informs my teaching style. It’s given me the practical skills to navigate life’s changing tides; with the aim of taking this energy of calm from the meditation cushion, into all aspects of life.

I also enjoy expressing myself through creating intuitive digital art. This creative side of my work has been featured on book covers, gift cards, oracle decks, calendars and websites.

Member of Yoga Australian & Meditation Australia – Experienced Teacher

Image by Aurore Creative Photography

I'm so glad you're here

Welcome friend!

If you wish to be inspired and uplifted – you’ve come to the right place.

Here, I will share with you everything I’ve learnt on my personal journey, including dealing with chronic illness.

I have practiced and taught meditation for many years. I am also a qualified yoga teacher.

Together, let’s delve into the wisdom of the ancients and find healing and spiritual growth, solace and calm. As a teacher, the pillars of what I share are:

Emma performing Anjali mudra

Yoga has been like a calming friend to me from a very young age. I first started practicing yoga at the age of 8.

I have always dreamed of teaching yoga and in 2016 I completed my training. Through my studies the world of mudras (yoga of the hands) opened up – and since then I’ve been deep diving into understanding their potential for healing.

I look forward to releasing a mudra-themed oracle deck in 2024, where I can share the sacred beauty of these hand postures with a wider audience. This is a special collaboration with writer / artist Stephen Denham.

In 2016 I was diagnosed with stage IV endometriosis (plus a couple of other autoimmune diseases!). My surgeon was genuinely amazed at how I had managed for 25 years with such extensive and debilitating disease left undiagnosed (not for lack of trying mind you – that’s a story for another time!). Her words were, “This is one of the worst cases of Endo I’ve come across, it’s horrendously bad”.

So how did I find a way to live and work with intense pain? Well honestly, I hand-over-heart attribute this to a few things, but most of all the meditation and breathwork I’ve practised since 1995. I believe like anything, inner work is cumulative. The more you engage, the easier it is to create an inner state of meditative calm.

In the same year as my diagnosis, I found myself so unwell I was unable to walk. Also at that time, I was in the middle of my Yoga Teacher Training. I wondered how I was going to finish the course. As it turned out, I managed to complete the training and on reflection I see there was a silver lining to this unsettling period. 

Not being able to practice Asana (Sanskrit for physical postures), I looked into what I could do that was easy, simple and accessible – and of course, healing. It was then that the world of mudras (ancient yogic hand gestures) opened up to me. Since then I’ve been exploring yoga mudras, using them in my daily meditation practice and day-to-day life and gaining many benefits from them, both physical and spiritual

I wish to share with you all that I've learned on my journey of meditation, breath awareness, stillness, mudras and yoga. My hope is that you will also experience what these sacred practices have to offer.

Teaching Timeline

My teaching experience includes meditation, breathwork, sacred dance and yoga with a special interest in yoga mudras (ancient hand gestures – that activate prana in the body):

Lineage & Memberships

Since 1995 – Member of an esoteric school: meditation / spiritual community / ‘stillness in action’: Fourth Way (Gurdjieff) origins

2016 Yoga Teacher Training: Diverse teachers, predominately T. Krishnamacharya / Iyenga (alignment studies)

2016 onwards – Mudras, yogic texts, research: modern-day exponents and practice

Member of Yoga Australia & Meditation Australia (Experienced Teacher)

Art Exhibition

Quintessence Art Exhibition – Blend Café Art Space at the Dougherty Centre, Chatswood   I  6 May – 1 July 2022

Emma Wertheim at Quintessence art exhibition in front of mudra art
Quintessence art show flyer
Quintessence flyer
Quintessence art show image - opening night

The mind is the lord of the senses, but the breath is the lord of the mind.

Hatha Yoga Pradipika

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