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Emma Wertheim

Hi I'm Emma Wertheim

I'm so excited to welcome you here!

As an Australian mudra, meditation, yoga, Fourth Way and sacred dance teacher, with a passion for healing tools and practices and a lifelong seeker of the deeper mysteries of life – it’s my wish to share with you everything I’ve learnt on my personal journey.

Meditation, breathworkyoga and herbal medicine sustained me through decades of chronic illness. In 2016, while completing my yoga teacher training, my health took a turn for the worse. Unable to even walk for a time, I discovered mudras; ancient yoga postures for the hands that can be used for healing, spiritual growth and more.

Practising meditation with mudras, and finally receiving a correct diagnosis for my health concerns, I was gradually able to find my feet again in life and work.

Love Breath Space Free Offerings
A 58-page, comprehensive self-paced PDF workbook, outlining simple steps to walk a sacred path in life and implement lifelong spiritual fulfilment.
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I invite you to join me as we explore healing energy together, deep dive into innate wisdom or just find a bit more peace and quiet within

Mudra oracle deck coming late 2024!

Explore the hidden dimensions of who you are – unlocking your deepest truths, opening a portal to subtle worlds of healing vibration and energy. 

44-card deck and illustrated guidebook by Emma Wertheim & Stephen Denham.

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The Bathroom Breath blog cover image

Ways to Find Peace Within

The bathroom breath can certainly help reduce stress. But of course, looking at your job and seeing if there is a better way to manage its demands is also a good idea. Our bodies are so intelligent! Mine was sending me many signs before I got sick. I wish I had listened sooner.

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Mudras, paired with meditation and breathwork are incredible, simple ancient tools, to be celebrated, remembered and practised.
They remind us to live more for each moment, enjoy our lives and the many colours of experience it offers.

Love Breath Space Free Offerings