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Love Breath Space Free Offerings
Love Breath Space Free Offerings

The Magical Power of Yoga Mudras

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Mudras are simple, ancient yogic hand gestures, used for many thousands of years. They can be incorporated easily into your day or meditation practice to instantly find more inner peace and calm

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Hi, I'm Emma Wertheim

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Since 1995 I’ve practised the art of breath-based meditation, both in my personal practice and as member of a spiritual school formed in the 1970’s, located in Sydney’s north and inspired by ‘The Fourth Way movement.

My meditation teacher of 22 years had direct links to leaders of The Fourth Way and other spiritual traditions.  

This work has taken me on a rich inner journey – to an ever expanding space of stillness within and given me practical skills to navigate life’s changing tides; with the aim of taking this energy of calm from the meditation cushion, into all aspects of life.

My wish is to help you experience both the healing and spiritual benefits of simple ancient wisdom in our modern world; using yoga hand mudras, meditation and breathwork you can easily use during your day or meditation practice. 

I am a yoga, meditation and sacred dance teacher. I am also a graphic designer and intuitive digital artist. I have always enjoyed expressing myself through creating art. This creative side of my work has been featured on book covers, gift cards, oracle decks, calendars and websites.

Member of Yoga Australian & Meditation Australia – Experienced Teacher

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What's Included

  • What are Mudras & how they can help you
  • How to use Mudras in your day
  • My top five go-to mudras
  • A special 10-minute audio that can be done anytime of the day or evening
  • Includes a calming and grounding mudra
  • Guided pranayama breathing practice
  • Instantly evokes peace within

Join me on a journey of transformation!

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