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Release stuck energy in your chakras with Abhya Mudra

Abhya Mudra can help in the release of stagnant and stuck energy in your chakras and dissolve fear. It's truly a game changer!

When we stop for moment and breathe, consciously, a subtle shift takes place. Energy (prana) starts to flow more freely, lighting up your energy centres (chakras). We begin to see with our inner eye. When this happens we come in touch with what’s really happening going on within us. We become aware of ‘stuckareas; parts that are holding tension, or perhaps even fear. It’s in the process of becoming aware that we can begin to release and let go.

Awakening to what’s going on inside us can sometimes feel uncomfortable. But I believe that this is not a sign for us to dismiss or ignore how we’re feeling. It’s asking for us to enter into the experience so we can learn and grow from it. If anything it’s a sign that you’re actually on track!

The same goes with mudras, when we come across a mudra that doesn’t resonate, it’s actually the mudra that you need. Think of being in a gym, it’s likely you will avoid the exercise machine that will help you the most because it’s probably going to push you to confront and work on weakness in your physical body. For me I always want to avoid Bridge Pose (Setu Bandha Sarvangasana) in yoga. However I know this is the pose I need the most as it works on strengthening the core which is something I need to focus on. But truthfully nothing in me wants to do it!

A few days ago I took a moment to stop and breathe and straightaway I became aware that I was holding stuck energy in my solar plexus chakra. It felt heavy and locked up.

It’s in the process of becoming aware that we can begin to release and let go.

If we don’t take moments in our life to stop, we can move through our days, not knowing what’s really going on inside us and issues can compound overtime leading us toward ill health. I recall in my late teens / early 20s when I started working with meditation seriously that I became highly aware of my solar plexus centre and how it was holding a lot of unresolved emotion. It actually took many years to release the area, but it did finally happen.

I feel it’s so important to check in with ourselves everyday. Meditation, mudras and breath work can provide that opportunity – along with many other modalities. It’s about finding what works for you.

Face your fears and release stuck energy (prana) in your chakras:

A wonderful mudra that can help you face difficulties is Abhya Mudra. It’s so simple and it can also assist in the release of stagnant energy in your body and the dissolving of fear. It’s truly a game changer!

How to practice abhya mudra to release stagnant energy:

  • In meditation simply hold up your dominant hand in front of your shoulder, perpendicular to your body – palm faces forward and relax the hand
  • Rest your other hand in your lap
  • Breathe any fear or tension away / or tune into and face your fears head on. See yourself facing them in your mind’s eye, then let them dissolve away
Release stuck energy in your chakras with Abhya Mudra
Above: Abhya Mudra – the mudra of facing, dissolving fear and ignihting your energy centres (chakras). Original artwork © Emma Wertheim & Stephen Denham 2024 – to feature in the Yoga Mudra Oracle.

When resistance comes up within, simply breathe, relax and allow for an internal slowing down. Try not to be too attached to the feeling. Remember that resistance is simply a sign that you’re ready to face something within, so you can take a step or even a leap into a better and brighter future.

Free flowing prana (energy) = improved health and wellbeing, better emotional wellbeing and a connection to the divine. You might enjoy this article on mudras and chakras where you can learn to take the practice of releasing stagnant energy a little deeper.

I’d love to hear how Abhya mudra has helped you in the comments below.

Love and mudras, 

Explore more mudra goodness:

Please note: mudras are simple ancient tools for exploring energies of heart, mind and body and are not presented here as an alternative to professional medical advice.

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