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Mudra Oracle Deck Cards

Above: examples of five yoga mudra oracle cards

The Yoga Mudra Oracle

44-Card Deck + Illustrated Guidebook

Due for release late 2024 through Arcturus Publishing, the Yoga Mudra Oracle is a collaboration between Emma Wertheim – yoga teacher / designer and Stephen Denham – writer / artist.

A 44-card deck and illustrated guidebook, the Yoga Mudra Oracle combines sacred symbology, healing colours and uplifting imagery of the natural world.

Each yoga mudra card offers one simple, sacred hand posture or ‘mudra’ from the time-honoured yogic tradition, along with intuited guidance that taps deep into the essence of each mudra pose.

Performing mudras helps expand and activate the meaning of each oracle card’s guidance, allowing you to deepen your understanding of the message being communicated, sparking new insight and lifted perception.

Ancient Wisdom at your Fingertips

The Deck

Coming late 2024!

This deck will appeal to those with an interest in yoga and meditation, on a spiritual search or seeking a deeper connection with their divine self. The cards offer guidance to anyone with heartfelt questions.

The yoga mudra oracle will take you on a journey into the wisdom of the ancients and will bring you in touch with your soul being nature.

What are Mudras?

Mudras are yoga postures for the hands – they redirect, reshape and ‘seal’ the flow of pranic energy within us and unite us with cosmic intelligence. They help us manifest change on a physical and soul level, and can be used safely by anyone, at anytime, anywhere.

The origin of mudras is mysterious – said to be the gift of enlightened Yoga masters (seers), passed down from ancient times, and practiced for many thousands of years in traditions such as Buddhism and the teachings of Saints.

Taking a mudra pose affects the flow of pranic energy within the body. This improves health and invites elevated states of consciousness which put us in touch with a universal energy.

Mudras are accessible and safe for everyone! They can be practiced anywhere, by anyone at any time.

Jnana mudra and flower

The Creators

Image of Emma Wertheim

Emma Wertheim

Yoga Mudra Oracle Creator + Artwork

Emma is a Sydney-based graphic designer, intuitive digital artist and photographer. Her work conveys a sense of peace and hope, reminding us that the ebb and flow of mystery is woven through everyday life. Her art has been featured on book covers, websites, gift cards and oracle decks.

As a meditation, yoga and sacred dance teacher, Emma has a lifelong affinity with kinetic disciplines.

Birthing the Mudra Oracle has been her long-time vision. In collaboration with writer / artist Stephen Denham, it is the culmination of a wish to share and communicate the ancient tradition and multi-dimensional benefits of yoga mudra hand gestures.

Picture of Steve Denham

Stephen Denham

Yoga Mudra Oracle Editor + Artwork

Since the age of nine, Stephen’s heart has always answered the call of the creative arts. He is a published author, freelance writer and has been shortlisted for several major Australian poetry prizes.

For more than 25 years, Emma and Steve’s daily practice of meditation and breath awareness has flourished within a spiritual community in Sydney’s north. This Fourth Way school is dedicated to cultivating stillness in everyday life as the basis of transformation and realising soul potential.

'Mudras are a sacred gift, a secret waiting to be revealed'

Gertrud Hirschi

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